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한국섬유 산업의 위치
The textile industry is the prime mover of home industrialization.
It also is a pivotal industry in exportation.
- The textile industry was designated as a strategic industry for export promotion according to the Five-year Economic Development Program early in the 1960's.
- It has occupied about 40% of Korea's exports in the 1960's, while occupying some 12.5% as of 1998.
- In 1987, the textile industry made a record of the total export up to several hundred million dollars as a single industry first in the Korean history of exportation.
This industry played the role of locomotive for the growth of national economy.
- More than 17,000 small or large textile companies are fostered in this industry.
- As for employment, 3 of 10 persons are engaged in related companies.

Korea is one of the worldwide textile industrial countries.
Korea also is the fifth-ranked textile exporting country in the world.
- Status of Korea following China, Italy, Germany and U.S.A.
- Accumulating the proper technology and skills basing on the artisan spirit of its own, Korea has the highest capacity for production technology in the world, and secures the expert manpower of superior ability.
And Korea holds the even base of production and the automation technology with new advanced installations.
- Securing a balanced production base for all items of yarn, raw fabrics and even clothing products.
- Korea stands at the 4th place in the world for chemical fibers, the 14th place for cotton spinning, and the 7th place for weaving, respectively.
- The automation with advanced installations brings the maximization of productive labor force, the development of the age of unmanned factories.
The securing of updated technology
- Korea holds the technology of spinning yarn as thin as a hair (14.7 micron).
- Together with the best finishing technology in the world.

The textile industry is an industry of demand-creative and advanced country type.
7 of 10 textile exporting countries in the world rank among the advanced countries.
- Including U.S., Japan, Italy, France, etc.
- Korea fosters the textile industry as a national policy business, applying the fashion industry and the high marketing capacity.
The textile industry also is an industry of brand value type.
- In industrial fields, this industry presents the highest index of brand value to permit an easy extension of industry.

Taegu is the best textile-producing district in Korea.
Taegue is a city which the textile industry presents the highest concentricity of producing districts in Korea and is given much weight in local economy, so the citizens of Taegu have an attachment to this industry along with a strong will to foster it. This city holds a worldwide competitiveness in the category of textiles.
- Through continued facility investment, this city developed, particularly, the dyeing and textile machinery industries.
- This city is at the top producer and exporter of the world in the category of chemical fibers and textiles.
- It occupies 70.3% of the total number of looms in Korea, and 43.7% of the Korea's chemical fiber productivity as of 1997.

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